President Donald Trump jammed his hand under my dress: Author E. Jean Carroll

An author and columnist living in New York have accused American President Donald Trump of sexual harassment, although the President denied the allegations and told them a false report. E. Jean Carroll released the new book “What Do We Need Main?” It has been said that nearly two decades ago, in the 1990s, Donald Trump had sexually harassed him at the Bergman Goodman department store in New York. Part of this book was first published on ‘New York’ magazine’s website. Although Carroll is not taking the name of Trump in the published part of the book, his name is definitely in the headline. Headlines are ‘Manuel Donald Trump’ 23 years ago in Berger of Goodman’s department store, he sexually abused me. But he is not alone on the list of the bad men of my life. ‘

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According to a part of the book, published in the magazine, Carroll met Berggord Goodman in the department store, from the then real estate Mughal trump. Both of them identified each other and there was a friendly conversation between the two. But, then the trump became violent and Carroll described the occurrence of rape in front of him in the dressing room. For a long time, 16 women, including 75-year-old Carol, were a columnist in Alley magazine, alleging sexual harassment in Trump over the last few decades. Most allegations were put before the 2016 presidential election.

However, Trump has denied the charge immediately. In a statement, Trump has said that he has never met Carol. Trump said, ‘e. This story of Jean Carroll, in which he is claiming to meet me at Berger of Goodman department store 23 years ago. I have never met this person in my life. He is trying to sell his book … This shows his intentions. It should be sold in the fabled category. ”

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In a lengthy statement, Trump said, “People should be ashamed of those who create such false tales of sexually exploiting their publicity, selling books or under political agendas… Just as Julie Vettel is a liar on Justice Brett Kawana He was questioned. “He questioned, there is no video footage of this incident or any witness in the store.
He said, “Miss Carroll and New York Magazine: no picture? No surveillance? No reports? No employee even around? I would like to thank Berggord Goodman that he has not confirmed the incident of any video footage, because it has never happened. “Trump said,” If anyone has the information that the Democratic Party is Miss Carol or New York If you are working with the magazine, please inform us as soon as possible. The world must know what is going on. “

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