Top Worst places in Australia for Travelers

Top Worst places in Australia for Travelers

Worst places in Australia : If you plan to travel Australia never visit to these places you may suffer dangerous situations. Australia is one of the most Beautiful country no dought about it. Due to this beauty maximum travelers attract to visit this Amaging country. But this beauty may cause of your harm. so beware about these places.


We cannot forget Melbourne came in at No.10 when a briefcase of poo was thrown on a bus driver and old couple accidentally deliveries 10millions dollars’ worth of meth after it gonads organised crime groups that runs towards massive drug, racketeering and assassination activities, but due to support of politicians and the social media platforms, local source of media are more afraid of fictional African gangs tagging their fence.


In the word under crime this place come under nine of the list offence came in force due to a toilet snake bit a women on the bum and the cut buss crapper made it continue by two years reign of faecal terrorism, and asylum seekers she was admitted into Australia after botching a DIY penis enlargement. Rissole and murphy have past label in the Queensland a notorious type culture in graveyard there huge art is spray painting in walls with good dining is choose not to use the driven-thru.

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This area had come in force of crime while a wombat to death found and offensive criminal escaped from this serious crime by using a technical method, this happened in Nullarbor,the south Australian town at the edge of nullarbor plain


Toowoomba is approx. 1 hour and 30 min drive time takes Brisbane, it’s about sixth place of earning spot and come after city’s streets ran brown, the fault of a truck driver his truck splits tonnes of human waste. Due to this human waste beautiful streets got dirty impressions and that was cause of reduce earning of that place


This place got no 5th ranking due to a fire at a cattle breeding centre heart with electrical sparked, by massive explosion many of bulls lost, this place is nearby southeast of voctoria’s Gippsland found yarram


This place came enforce due to Hawkishness of a person who drove around with a live kangaroo in his car grille, though this place came in the headlist and the worstcrime hot spots this type of activity known as gronk.
Townsville in north Queensland came in 4th position for this crime.
Tropical North’s capital has been dubbed the unofficial to Townsville, and this finally completed with all the horror activity that entails nightmarish disease, oppressive heat, and tourist reduced by the wildlife that devours way wards.


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia also this place is famous as the city of churches, serial killers and pubs, for its came in 3rd rank in the list.
The main role of this city for gory crimes which not only stopped on that also included with a series of gruesome murders which is committed by a shadowy cable of paedophiles and like a bunch of dragons on the dole, jimmy Barnes’s musical career
This place also famous for the faith animal like once a Dog that swallowed with six packets of heroin, and a public servant he was sacked for this in an office kettle and also named as meth capital of the whole world.


Sydney in Australia having more than 6 places which crime level are so high.

  1. . Black town: 4139
    One of the most offensive areas. This area mostly cases reported for motor vehicle theft. The location of Black town in west Sydney in Australia
  2. Sydney City: 3863
    Due to more populated area city crime rate are also so high but now a days large amount of police presence in the city, especially in government sector area is covered by this presence by this crime rate has been dropped down about 17 % per year in the last 36 months.
  3. Central Coast: 3011
    Actually this area is a region of New South Wales,Australia,which is lying in the Pacific Ocean in north of Sydney commonly this area reported for fraud and vehicle theft, but now a days rates are increasing.
  4. Perith: 2572
    This area reported mostly for domestic violence, drug offence, home break sometimes motor vehicle thefts. And Penarth government area also in west of Sydney.
  5. Canterbury-Banks town: 2338
    Here mostly offence reported for drug offence, vehicle thefts. The Canterbury-Banks town pocket has above-average crime rates for motor vehicle thefts and drug-related offences.
  6. Liverpool: 1786
    Mostly crime reported here for stealing from dwelling, this area is located in Greater Western Sydney.

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