Top 5 universities in the world 2020

Top 5 universities in the world 2020

Top 5 universities in the world : The top colleges in the world have now been unveiled by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, which was put forward on 2 September 2020.

The University of Oxford that is a United Kingdom Foundation, for the fifth consecutive time has occupied the first position. However, we have a new entry for the second position.

Various countries have represented themselves to be a part of the list of  “200 top universities”.  Countries like the United Kingdom and The United States of America are very well represented both in terms of the Highest position as well as the overall ranking.

Countries like Australia and Germany performed better than other well-represented countries like China and Japan for the Top 200 Universities.

13 performance indicators, on the basis of Teaching, research, research influence, international outlook, and industry income are used to calculate the result.

Now let’s talk about the Universities that have topped the list:

University of Oxford

For the fifth consecutive year the University of Oxford has topped the list. 
Situated in Oxfordshire, England, it is one of the most renowned and prestigious universities not only in the United Kingdom but also in the World. 

It is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world as there are several pieces of evidence related to teaching which dates as early as 1906.

The university provides ample opportunity for foreign citizens as it employs people from around 100 countries and they make up to around 40% of the student and academic body.
The University on an average basis gets 5 applications for every place and thus the admission is extremely competitive.

Stanford University

Well Standford University is a new entry at the second position. It has climbed up to two spots from its previous year. Located in Standford, California it is a private research university. It has received credit for the development and advancement of the surrounding Silicon Valley.

Moreover, it is also linked to various successful Entrepreneurs and Start-ups. It not only has a large of campus but also nearly 700 university buildings, gardens alongside museums and recreational centers. The University’s student to staff ratio is 7:4. Also, there are under 9000 post-graduates and 7000 under-graduates.

Harvard University

One of the most prestigious and oldest universities in the United States has made up to the third position in the list. It was at the 7th position the previous year and has made an upward surge in the list.
Moreover, the University has more faculty, alumni, and researchers who have won Nobel prizes (161) and Fields Medals (18) than any other university in the world.

Top 5 universities in the world 2020 1

John F. Kennedy is among the thirteen US President who have honorary degrees from the institution

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is popularly known as Caltech which was initially founded in 1891. It is a private research university in Pasadena, California. It’s most distinct feature is its compact size and also a high student-staff ratio. It registers about 1000 undergraduates and 1250 postgraduates. It also provides need-based financial support to half of Caltech Students with its average financial aid package of $38,983.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At the fifth position, we have the Massachusetts institute of technology that has an urban campus that extends more than a mile alongside the Charles River.
Founded in the mid-19th century the university also provides need-based financial support to its students.

The campus that is situated at Cambridge, Massachusetts, includes 18 student residences. It also has many gardens and public works of art.

The university is very choosy when it comes to admissions, as in 2019 only 8% of students got a seat in the graduating class.

The role of the universities and educational institutes in our life is extremely crucial. Universities not only prepare us for the job but also provide us with the knowledge and skill that is essential in life.

Moreover, it helps us in personality development. Universities are associated with the production of highly-skilled man-power for various jobs such as engineers and doctors, scientists. They can be effective in providing new knowledge and skills that are essential in satisfying the challenges of sustainable development.

Colleges are the makers of human resource and that is how they make financial development. It is very evident that the wages and salary of people who have graduated are higher than the ones that haven’t completed their graduation. Clearly, it increases one’s work efficiency. 

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