PUBG royale pass : Latest and upcoming Royale Pass Price and release date

pubg royale pass : Pubg mobile game is one of the most popular game between youth and younger ages. According to the recent data and analytics it have 100 million active users.

What is PUBG royale pass

Tancent mobile’s pubg had given a special passes to entry in the game and play like a pro. They had given these special game entry passes to their pubg mobile’s version users as well as PC pubg downloads.

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These are battle pass of this PUBG battle game. These royale pass gives players access to the accessories, costumes and other cosmetic items of their favorite players. Players can purchase special or elite entry pass to unlock more benefits and rewards. By spending some bucks you can be premium member player.

Recent updates on Pubg Mobile royale pass

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass Price and release date

Release date – 14 July 2020

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile season 14 Royale Pass price

This time pubg had upgraded and divided game into two upgrades.
1. Elite Upgrade -The price set for the PUBG Mobile Season 14 Elite Upgrade Royale Pass is 600 UC.
2. The Elite Upgrade Plus- Elite Upgrade Plus Royale Pass is three times higher from Elite Upgrade i.e, 1800 UC

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Upcoming updates on Pubg Mobile royale pass

PUBG Mobile is updating in the form of the PUBG Mobile 1.0. Launching on 8 September 2020. According to the recent tweet from company it will be the new era of pub mobile gaming.

This latest 1.0 version update will bring up to 30% improvement in the frames/second rate, which will reduce lag up to 76% in the game respectively. Some of big media giants and professionals are saying it as the biggest update rolled out since game launch and will completely reformulate the interface, style and design.

This update will see a improved lobby which will more interactive to enhance user experience.
It had multi-screen switching mode which will make the game look cleaner.

Characters or player are also getting a brand new look. It is expected to become more realistic, with the use of spotlight projection, physical rendering system and image-based lighting.

New visual effects like smoke, air blasts and muzzle flashes will be available after the new update.

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