PUBG FREE Royale Pass 14 : latest and working trick

PUBG FREE Royale Pass 14 : latest and working trick

PUBG FREE Royale Pass tricks: If you are in the search of pubg free royale pass and want to play like a pro, then you can go with this latest trick. In Pubg there are two types of passes i.e, free and elite. In free pass you don’t have to pay any shot of bucks but if are are going through elite then you have to pay some buck. These are in the form of uc. Elite royale pass cost you around 600 uc .

But there are some another ways from where you can enjoy elite passes benefits. With the help of these passes you can download and play with sun skin, mythic dress and latest features.

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5 awesome ways to get PUBG free Royal Pass Season 14


If you are in the search of best, easy and entertaining method  to get free UC then you have to switch to your YouTube account. Yes, Simply open your Youtube account and search the UC Giveaways Live Videos and watch live videos of players and participate in the custom rooms .

PUBG FREE Royale Pass 14 : latest and working trick 1

Most of the pubg player Giveaway Free PUBG Royal Pass. From there you can get your free pass.

1. Method to find free UC giveaway channels in youtube

  1. Open YouTube on your smartphone device
  2. Search PUBG Free Royal pass giveaway for free
  3. go to the live stream going on
  4. To participate in the event follow the instruction given by streamer.

2. Free Pubg UC By using VPN Trick

In Youtube Giveaway method you should have to request to the player or streamer for Free PUBG Royal Pass. But In VPN free UC trick you get free pubg very easily

Steps to get free Pubg UC from VPN

  1. Dоwnlоаd а VРΝ frоm Gооglе Рlауtоrе. (Best if you are using Nord VPN)
  2. Соnnесt То Ѕоuth Κоrеа or USA Location.
  3. Now, Make a new Gmail account.
  4. Go to the PlayStore
  5. Go to the Play Points and click on the “GET STARTED”.
  6. You will see some applications there that you will earn points.
  7. Click on that application to install it.
  8. Wow, you will get 45 points in account.
  9. After you get 100 points, Go to ‘USE’ and ‘BUY’ 60UC from those points.
  10. Repeat these steps and earn up to 8100 UC .

Now you can use that UC cash to purchase ROYAL PASS IN PUBG for free.

3. Free Pubg uc from Third-Party reward application

There are lots of applications available in the online market from where you can easily get PUBG Free Royal Pass season 14. Some best reward application are as follows :

  1. Google Opinion Reward
  2. Task backs
  3. Cashley

4. PUBG FREE Royale Pass Email Tricks

For Free Pubg Royal pass you can go through Email trick. This trick was working earlierbut now you should go through your own risk.

Steps to get free Royale Pass From Email

  1. Sign out of all Gmail accounts and clear all data of your gmail.
  2. Open Pubg Mobile and click Buy 60 UC for 1$.
  3. Login with fresh Gmail account
  4. Select Net Banking and then select your bank
  5. click on Buy, then they will ask you to write your password and then delete it
  6. press the back button on your phone, then you will get a message written in which you will forget the password, you have to select no thanks and press the back button again.
  7. Repeat these steps repeatedly with different Gmail account

5. Redeem Free UC Points by bonus challenge

PUBG Mobile has in game bonus challange system from where you can easily earn free UC Points.

A player can register himself in matches and win battle points. A player will need 6000 Battle Points to redeem 600 UC from the shop. so play more and smartly to earn UC ponits

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