Pubg Mobile Season 17 Royale Pass : leaked or released

Pubg mobile is the largest playing online game in the world. It is the world’s highest revenue generated game in the world as well.
According to the the latest results more than $150 million have been earned by Pubg mobile. This game is more popular between the youth and children. It comes with its two currencies that is UC and BC.

Recently, developers released its pubg mobile season 17 royale passes gun skins and its release date. In this latest update developers released several new outfits weapon skins and other accessories.

Pubg mobile awards are renewed on this season. Developers had updated its season 16 Royale pass which was released in previous month.
Pubg fans are eagerly waiting for season 17 update. Some sources had cleared that this update will come with the latest graphics, outfits and gun skins as well. Some game awards will be available in this update.

Release date of Pubg mobile season 17 royale pass

Pubg Mobile corporation had not released any release date for its season 17 update but spectators are are expecting that this release will be e on 19th of January 2021. However you can follow the Twitter handle of Pubg Mobile gaming for the latest update. you can also know Pubg mobile season 17 royal pass from here.

Pubg mobile season 17 gun skins reward outfits free

Pubg mobile season 17 league gun skins

Latest M416 diamond tear gun

For Pubg game players this gun is another style statement in the game. Any gamer can redeem new m416 tear gun from app. This gun is looking stylish and when will you play the game you will play like a pro. If you have Elite royal pass then you can easily redeem it.

M416 diamond tear gun
M416 diamond tear gun

Pan skin Royale pass reward

Turkish coloured Pan skin photos had been leaked in the internet and it may be expected to be available for the gamers in 13th RP level.
In this pan skin a dragon is showing on the back side. It looks like a frying pan.

Parachute skin RP reward

This parachute skin is colour with black and purple galaxy theme. It is expected that players can get this skin reward after level 10 or 20 this parachute will look pretty if players get this in the 17th royal pass update.

Parachute skin RP reward
Parachute skin RP reward

100 RP outfit

In season 17 of Pubg gaming if a players reached on level 100 Then they can get cyborg theme suits separately for males and females of their choices. This suit looks fantastic and somehow robotic.

100 RP outfit
100 RP outfit

Seasons 17 winner passes will likely begin on January. It is also expected that players will obtain the elite update of pass to 280BC while the elite upgrade plus will be cost them around 800 BC.

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