Best tips for men and women who want to increase their play time in bed

Sex is good for human health. It is the science of biology. Research in biological psychology showed that sex helps in removing stress and maintains blood pressure. While another study shows that it is very helpful for both men and women.

In women, it improves memory and thinking ability. Sec can help to fight with the dangerous health risk like heart disease, improve sleep and gives you enjoyment and refreshment. You will be amazed by knowing that sex can improve your life span.

Best tips for men and women who want to increase their play time in bed 1
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Healthy sex is better for humans in every aspect. But it can be good when you are performing well with your partners. Your quality performance should be good before, after and during your playtime. Unfortunately, most of the people don’t know how to spend quality time with their partner.

It affects the playtime of sex and causes distances between partner and sexual life. To offer some guidance for playtime, there are some best sex tips, sex positions, and dirty talk tips. With the help of these tips make great orgasm and good health too.

The mouth is good for you

It’s not like what your dirty mind is thinking. We are talking about communication between the partners. Communication is the key to any sexual encounter. Talk to your partner about sex. His/her expectations and desires. Sex is similar to food. If you eat your favorite food then you eat more. So, know more about your partner.

Best tips for men and women who want to increase their play time in bed 2

Let’s dirty talks

Talking dirty during sex is an unsettling task for the partners. Because on that playtime no one feed like dumb. But the fact is that during that time it can increase your sexual experience. It gives you the freedom to talk and know more about your partner’s desires. It also gives you momentum during playtime. For this, you can go for some romantic movies, cinemas, and serials or web series.

Go out of your bedroom

Research shows that sex at home is quite less rather than on vacations. On the other hand, it comes on budget. So, for this, you can try different places in your house. It can be your shower, kitchen or any other place. Research and experiments are good for making awesome playtime.

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